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Success Stories



Renee and Judy are very good weight-loss coaches and they both have been very supportive and extremely helpful in my weight-loss journey. Renee regularly posts new recipes using Ideal Protein products in order to keep the diet interesting and delicious. The products offered by Ideal Protein provides a very safe and healthy way to loose weight. I encourage anyone interested in loosing weight, and improving your health, to give Renee a call to set up your consultation. The program works and you'll feel and begin to look better very quickly.  


Ideal Protein has changed my life. I use to think I had to drinks shakes or work out for countless hours to lose weight. Now I know and have practiced that to lose weight and be healthy, you have to consume more vegetables and protein while cutting out sugars and high carbs.  

Ideal Protein has changed my life. I use to think I had to drinks shakes or work out for countless hours to lose weight. Now I know and have practiced that to lose weight and be healthy, you have to consume more vegetables and protein while cutting out sugars and high carbs.  

I can only say good things about the program. Judy, Renee and Laura are great with coaching and helping me stay on track. I am almost done losing all my weight!
I enjoy the program along with
the coaches, the educational videos and classes. The great cooking classes and get together that Renee plans are helpful too.
I recommend this program to anyone who wants some guidance and some real results.  

Lost over 50 lbs

Renee and staff are awesome! This program works. Like most, I have tried it all and now that I'm post menopausal and in my early 50's I'm FINALLY going to get down to m goal weight. So excited! Never thought I could reach my goal. I thought I'd just have to settle. What are you waiting for?  You have everything to lose.  I'm never hungry and my diet is CLEAN.  Their products are awesome. Definitely a lifestyle, lifetime change. Make the call – you will not be disappointed!  

Renee and Judy have been instrumental is helping me get

my life back! I would highly recommend Ideal Protein to anyone wanting to regain control of their health.  The program is never referred to as a diet. Renee is there for you every step of the way. It's your journey back to health. Take the plunge! You will

be so glad that you did!  

My experience with Renee and Judy has been nothing, but exceptional. I started the program in January of this year and with hard work and dedication I have lost close to 80 pounds. Through the whole journey I had their support and continue to have it in maintenance.

This program works if you work it.  

The photo of me at the lake in August is what made me decide to do this. Thank you coach Renee and Ideal Protein! I’m 6 pounds away from my wedding day weight in 1995!

I lost 39lbs lost and down 4 sizes in 6 months. Thanks so much to Renee, Judy, and my IP buddy and sister, Josie for all the support to help get me here. One week into maintenance, woohoo!  

150 pounds lost each!



My weight loss journey started in April of 2018. I have had the pleasure of being a client at Reformation Body Solution. It came highly recommended by some of mine Canadian friends here in the desert. With the knowledge and guidance of Shirley Monroe and Renne Lynn I dropped 32 lbs.(My original goal was 20lbs). These women are beyond wonderful. They are top notch! Following The Ideal Protein diet was a breeze, food is tasty and preparation is simple and the girls were there for me every step of the way! They steered me back into a balance. Not only do I look good, I feel good. My overall health has improved going from a borderline diabetic to normal. Now my husband is experiencing the benefits of this diet on the way to reach his goal!
We are thrilled with the results! Thank you for changing our lives

Date of Posting: 25 March 

Posted By: Beatrix B.



The diet is amazing! Shirley is an awesome coach - very informative, caring and detailed. She spends a tremendous amount of time helping to make the experience positive and successful. She emails info - texts great recipes and more - for a very minimal one time fee. This is all Shirley does so she is very focused and knowledgeable.

I've been to another clinic in town that sells the same diet product(s). However that clinic doesn't follow the plan - doesn't give the education or personal time. Their clinic charged me an outrageous fee for little to no counseling and they spend an inordinate amount of time trying to sell you all of their personal products and services (chiro - massage - their vits - etc). I live about 3 miles from that clinic - but drive the extra 20 miles to Shirley. It is well worth it!

Date of Posting: 29 April 

Posted By: Animal Lover J.



Shirley is amazing with her patience, coaching, and sensitivity to a person's needs.  She is always available when I call her and is very informative with her knowledge of the product.  She wants you to be successful!

Date of Posting: 26 August 

Posted By: Iris S.



Thank you Shirley for getting me back on track with releasing that unwanted fat.  I love your scale with details.  And by following the Ideal Protein protocol correctly, all my numbers went in the right direction - weight down, muscle up, and fat gone.  It was so professional when you also worked with me regarding medications and responded with how to modify the plan so I really got great results while taking good care of myself.  The recipes and suggestions are super helpful (although I like a lot of the Ideal Protein food prepared they way they suggest too).  Looking forward to continuing with you (and IP).

Date of Posting: 19 July 

Posted By: Robin J.




LIFE CHANGING!!! Four and half months in and I have lost 60 pounds! Not only have I lost weight, I sleep better, my mind is clear, no more dark circles under my eyes, my mental health has improved significantly, the list goes on...

Renee and Judy are a phenomenal team! Because of their support and education, I have learned so much about how my body reacts to what I eat. I am so very thankful for both of them!

This is no easy feat! It's hard work and dedication. This program works, as long as you are committed and keep your eye on the prize (no cheating!).


Date of Posting: 17 September
Posted By: Jenn K 


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