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Spicy Thai Shrimp Cucumber Rolls


1 serving konjac spaghetti

1 cup cucumber mandolin sliced – 4.7 ounces

4 ounces large cooked shrimp – thawed pat dry

Appetizer skewers


1 garlic glove pressed

1 tbsp lime juice

¼ tsp chilis

¼ tsp fresh minced ginger

1 tsp olive oil

2 tsp fresh chopped cilantro

¼ tsp sea salt

1 tsp sugar free maple syrup

In a small bowl whisk all ingredients together.


Mandolin slice cucumber into long thin strips.

Drain and rinse the konjac noodles, place in a non-stick skillet and dry over medium heat.

Place noodles in a bowl and add dressing, toss until well coated.

Lay cucumber strips on working surface, pat dry if excess water is present, lay noodles on cucumber and place 1 large shrimp on top close to one end and roll. Skewer with appetizer pick to secure.

Tip: Adjust ingredient amounts to desired amount per appetizer serving or meal.

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