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Diet Challenges of Transitioning from Summer to Fall

For some people the transition from summer to fall isn’t a big deal, but for others you are completely restructuring your lives. Kids are going back to school, you are settling back into a routine and possibly a more hectic time.

Challenge #1-Football season/tailgating

  • It is a wonderful tradition to go watch a football game and tailgate with family and friends. You don’t have to change your beloved tradition to stay on course. Check out the Ideal Protein Pinterest page that has a lot of football season recipes.

Challenge #2- Hibernation Mode

  • As fall approaches, the weather changes, its cooler and we get less sun. We tend to stay indoors and not be as active. Don’t be afraid to get outside in the crisp air to go for a walk. Layer your clothes and still be active. If that isn’t your preference, you can even switch to the gym or try a new activity like a class or group activity. Just get your body moving!

Challenge #3- Holidays

  • Holidays begin in full swing with candy displays everywhere you turn. Remember that holidays aren’t an excuse to pig out. Make wise choices and plan for ahead so that holiday events don’t bring you down. You still have to meal prep but make it more organized and leave time on the weekend to get your week in order.

Challenge #4- Change of Seasonal Food

  • During summer months we eat more salads and tend to eat lighter. In the fall, we start craving warmer foods, drinks and things that are comforting. Consider using more root vegetables like kohlrabi or celery root to make a mash. Use riced cauliflower in place of rice as a base for stir-fries. Make broth soups filled with nutrient rich vegetables. Think about ways to make normal comfort foods healthy and on protocol.

  • In the summer you also have greater access to vegetables due to farmers markets and season. A lot of farmers markets continue through November, so continue to seek out the fresh in season vegetables. You can also hire a food service company that will ship you fresh seasonal veggies throughout the winter months.

  • Make sure to stay hydrated and continue to drink your water. Drink warm herbal teas that are detoxifying to keep up your hydration.

Challenge #5- Getting Too Comfortable

  • In the summer we wear less clothes and are generally more aware of our body and what we are putting into it. In the fall we tend to wear big sweaters and cozy stretchy clothes while not really being in tune with ourselves. Don’t wear stretchy clothes. Wear clothes that are fitted with a zipper and a button so that you are aware of your body and any potential weight gain.

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