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Cake Pops


Your favorite dense moist cake or muffins, 1 serving

2 tbsp of choice of sugar free sweetener, syrups, apple butter, marshmallow fluff ect

1 Raspberry Temptation Chocolate Bar

Cake pop sticks

Styrofoam square – form


In a medium bowl break apart your cake into fine crumbs use your hands to work it down. Now add your choice of sweetener working it well through your cake crumbs.

Using your hands form 1-inch balls pressing and rolling together until nice and compact.

Place on small pan.

Melt 1 square of the raspberry temptation bar over a double boiler. Swirl chocolate on the end of cake pop stick and press into the centre of cake ball gently pushing down. You may dab a little extra chocolate at the base of the stick where it meets the cake. Repeat until all balls have a stick. This is going to anchor your stick in place. Place in fridge to set chocolate.

While chocolate sets, melt the rest of the chocolate in the double boiler. Using a food safe paint brush (candy making supplies) paint the melted chocolate on the cake balls, (not too thick and being carful not to go over the chocolate that is already set at the base). Place cake pop into Styrofoam form to dry, I recommend in the fridge to help the chocolate set fast.

Tips: Do not use dry cake, your pops will just fall apart.

Tip: Use an unrestricted cake recipe so you may consume entire recipe in 1 day as a restricted and 1 unrestricted.

Tip: Cake pop sticks and Styrofoam can be purchased at your local dollar store. You do not need expensive supplies.

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