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Let's get started!


A certified health coach will sit

down with you and hear about

your health and wellness goals.

After reviewing your health

profile, we will suggest a plan

that would be appropriate for

you. We will also include pricing,

meal details, and a thorough

explanation of our protocol

and our expectations. The

complimentary consultation 

is no-obligation and is for you 

to learn if our program is a good fit for your health journey. The consultation also includes a complete body composition analysis using our InBody 520

Please fill out and bring your new client health profile. 



The health profile is an extremely important part of our first meeting – please be sure to bring your completed profile.


The first week of our program is $375 including 28 meals and 30 days of nutritional supplements.  Your program also includes daily video emails, phone/text/email support and all your weekly appointments. After the first week it's approximately $90 per week for food (based on 21 IP meals). Meals cost approx $4.75 - $5.50 each.

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