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28-Day Reset

What's Included
  • A specific plan of Ideal Protein foods*
    to maximize results

  • 10 boxes of Ideal Protein Foods

  • 1 Box of Ideal Complete

  • Ideal Protein Multi-Vitamin, Cal-Mag, Potassium, and Omega

  • Shaker Cup and IP Salt

  • Menu Planner

  • And of course, all your guidance from your coach including three weekly check-ins and follow-ups


*Ideal Protein Included Foods

Peach Mango Drink

Orange Drink 

Maple Oatmeal 

Chicken Noodle Soup 

Blueberry Pomegranate 

Chocolate Drink Mix 

Dark Chocolate Pudding 

White Cheddar Ridges 

Peanut Butter Crunch 

Lemon Wafers 

Ideal Complete 

(PLEASE NOTE: The products provided are not exchangeable for other IP items.)


Optional Recommended Additions 

  • BCAA–Branched Chain Amino Acids,
    $35 for box of 14 packets

  • PHASE 1: This a great supplement to use for the first 30 days of our program to help assist your body duringthe initial detox. This can help reduce muscle lost during gluconeogenesis at the beginning of the method.

  • PHASE 1-3: if you have chosen to introduce exercise back into your lifestyle during your weight loss journey we HIGHLY recommend this product to protect your lean muscle mass.

  • Vanilla, Cappuccino or Chocolate Ready Made for coffee creamer,
    $35 for 6 pack

  • IP Sugar-free Salad Dressing – variety of flavors, $6 per bottle

  • Electrolyte Water Enhancer - comes in Tangerine and Mangosteen flavors. This will help with hydration. Mix one packet of BCAA with either a mangosteen or tangerine packet with one liter of water and drink throughout your morning,
    $7 for box of 14 packets

Reformation Body Solutions has designed a program specifically for clients that need a quick resetting of the pancreas. It is a strategically designed protocol with the intentions of being short-term (for clients that have 10 or less pounds to lose)** The products selected are specific to achieve quick results. The program is two weeks of Phase I, one week of Phase 2 and one week of Phase 3.

  • Reset pancreas and insulin levels

  • Curb sugar cravings

  • Detox the liver, kidneys, colon

  • Reduce inflammation and bloating

  • Feel better and increase energy

  • Build immune system

  • Cost is $450 ($68 savings)

** This program is only available to clients that need to re-boot (you are not currently an active phase I client) and you have 10 pounds or less to lose.

"Ideal Protein helped me finally achieve my ideal weight after years of struggling with other products and programs. Phase 4 (or maintenance) has been the perfect framework for me to maintain my weight and enjoy all the food that I love. That said, when I find myself at the top of my acceptable weight range (typically at the end of the summer or after the holidays) I find the 28 re-boot program is the perfect way to get my right back on track!


Renee has made the 28 day reboot so easy from start to finish! From her welcoming, understanding attitude to the unbelievably easy technology she uses to manage the process all you have to do is follow the program she has thoughtfully laid out for you. And if the along the way you have a question or concern, Renee has a vast and deep knowledge of the Ideal Protein protocol and is very open to help advise or troubleshoot an area of concern.  


This will be my second 28 reboot and honestly I am truly looking forward to it!"

"The 28-day program now a part of my yearly program every february! It helps not only loose the extra weight but reset my system physically and calibrate me mentally right after holiday+birthday season! Just get my head in the game and work it. :)" – Sayoni 

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